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Landscape Paintings by Boris Garibyan


Carol HasBrouck Browning is a graphic designer with over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Her graphics career began as an artist and package designer for Albertsons, Inc. here in Boise.

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She has been passionate about the watercolor medium since she was a student at Boise State University.  In 1979, she participated with other artists to form the Idaho Watercolor Society. Carol’s watercolor work focuses primarily on people and animals. She believes the eyes are the windows to the soul and reflect the story of a subject’s life experiences. Carol spent 20 years in Greenville, South Carolina working in marketing and the non-profit arena. This new environment allowed Carol to experience the history and culture of traditional southern families. Carol’s work includes commissioned portraits for private individuals, corporations, and non-profit entities.
Carol is currently the President of the Idaho Watercolor Society. Her work focuses on commissioned portraits and experimental.

The images I choose to paint represent my passions. The people and animals I paint feature expressive eyes that speak volumes. And the transparency of watercolor allows the viewer to see through the image. As of late, I have developed a fascination with capturing the process of aging. There is a beauty and wisdom that we often miss in today’s bustling world.