Idaho Art Gallery

Landscape Paintings by Boris Garibyan

CAROL MCDOWELL – Stained Glass

I was born in Northern California, and we moved to Idaho in 1993 when my husband’s employer transferred him to their Boise location. Boise is where we have raised our family and are blessed to have our kids and grandkids living
here too.

artist pic

Twenty-Five years ago I took a painting class and am still painting with the same instructor today. In addition to painting, I enjoy working with resin, making jewelry, pouring and painting rocks (also called doffing), working with clay, and last but not least, I’ve discovered that I love working with stained glass! I am mostly self-taught and continue to learn with each and every project.
If you want to know who inspires me, look at “Sue Smith Glass Mosaics” on YouTube. With Sues’s quiet selfless explanations she shares her techniques and tips.

I would love to hear your thoughts when you look at my pieces on display. For that reason, I have left a guest book at my display and encourage you to sign/comment/share your email address with me if you like.

Feel free to take one of my business cards, as I would love to hear from you if vou are interested in having me do commission/custom stained glass, stained glass on glass, or stained glass on mirror.
I hope you enjoy the Idaho Art Gallery today, as They promote local artists.