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Landscape Paintings by Boris Garibyan

Immerse Yourself In The Local Arts Scene At The Idaho Art Gallery

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Every piece of art has a story to tell. When you spend enough time at the gallery, you will not only get the message, you may just begin seeing the world in an entirely new way. With this in mind, plan on spending some quality time getting lost in the Idaho Art Gallery. 

Bill Garibyan and his landscape paintings are our anchor collection in addition to our tastefully curated selection of multi-medium guest artists. Their work will pull you in as the artists’ talents and techniques reveal the beauty they have created. Stop by and enjoy the newest addition the Meridian art scene…you’ll be glad you did. Our collection of fine art exclusively features works by Idaho Artists.


An intimate, fine art gallery at the intersection of COOL and CULTURE, is the kind of venue that will have your guests talking long after the party is over


Idaho’s Newest Art Gallery Is A Cultural Destination

Located just two blocks off of Main Street in downtown Meridian, the Idaho Art Gallery is a popular cultural destination in the community. If you don’t know what our gallery looks like, you may drive past it at first – the Idaho Art Gallery is located right on the corner…just keep an eye out for our sign.

Part gallery, part studio, part event space…this wonderful addition to the Idaho art scene is home to exclusively Idaho artists. If you’re looking to add local art to your decor, come visit our Meridian, ID gallery and choose from the current exhibit or inquire about a commission piece from your favorite artist. 

Don’t forget to inquire about our guest artist exhibition events.

"Stunning paintings that truly represent the beauty of Idaho! I would love to own them all!"
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- Kens E.
"What a wonderful space for highlighting Idaho Art. Boris is a master at capturing the beauty and serenity that Idaho has to offer. Congratulations on your new location!"
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- Marcia Shaumburg
"I love his landscapes and the way Boris paints clouds is just beautiful. Cannot wait for the new gallery to open."
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- Jamie Pomponio